Happy Holidays, You're Awesome

Yes, it's Christmas, and to everyone who doesn't celebrate it, well, it's an awesome day to realize how lucky we are. I'm not normally so shy looking as I am at the end (I'm quite loud in real life) but it was the end of a very long day of love and retail, haha.

If you wouldn't mind, in the spirit of the New Year, please take a minute to answer the following questions:
-Why do you come to my blog? What do you like best?
-Should I do more videos?

Thank you guys. Your participation, kindness, and inspiration motivate me to keep blogging.
Please keep being wonderful.


PS: The song is 'Building All is Love' from the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack.


Annie said...

1. I love your nails!
2. This is so Love Actually... if you've seen it (which hopefully you have!) you'll know what I mean. Adorable.

I come to your blog because your writing is beautiful and funny and because you seem like the coolest person ever and totally someone I could be friends with in real life. I love your Yes Please/No Thanks posts.

Merry Christmas dear!

~ Faith said...

I come to your blog because I like your outlook, your perspective. It's refreshing and different... I think that's what I like best too.

Happy Jesus Birthday!


Faux Naif said...

i come to your blog because it is clever and inspiring and not vapid and makes me feel okay about the internet, which is saying something. because you are adorable and interesting. because you make me happy to be a girl and FEED MY SOUL, yo (no pressure).

and yes.

also maybe i am a little bit drunk so you don't have to publish this.

it's christmas. it's christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

I come to your blog because I admire your style and passion for the world around you. Even though my beliefs do not always match yours, you are always very well educated on the topic, and I respect that. Your blog is refreshing to read.

And videos are great, but I like your writing style as well. (So don't stop the written posts!)


bobb said...

I come to your blog because it's always interesting, full of passion for the things you believe in, and because I learn a lot.

Aulden said...

Dear Mary,

I found your blog from Tavi's when she reposted your Darfur list, and I have been addicted ever since. I love your style, that you embrace fashion and your short, hourglass figure (which I also have!). But unlike other blogs, you care about more than make up and clothes and believe that fashion is only important as long as it makes you HAPPY. I have read every single post because your writing is filled with energy, compassion, and love. You are truly an inspiration to me and all of your readers. Because of you, I bought my first pencil skirt, followed by many more, stopped being scared to wear a headscarf, and have the confidence to wear no make up. And guess what. The reaction to all of those situations has been positive! I also love that you are Canadian! Both my parents are from Canada, but I grew up in the US, and I feel that you help me connect to my roots. You are a wonderful and beautiful person.

Love, Aulden

P.S. Your videos are cute, but writing is just as effective if you don't have the time to do a video.

Katie said...

I come to your blog because it's optimistic,it's funny and mature and kind of oasis in the (mostly but not all) crap which covers the internet. Basically you rock and your blog and it's awesomeness is addicting. I remember when you did more vlogs(?) and they were cool so it would be nice to see some more but your writing is great too. Wow I ramble a lot. Anyways merry Christmas!

tegan said...

woww.. I just found your blog and it's pretty rad :) I be a follower now. xo

Vanessa said...

Great video, Mary! I really love that you incorporated your love for volunteering with your holiday message. That's one of the reasons I love coming to your blog. Your love for helping others is really inspiring. Of course, I also love seeing what you wear :)

Daisy said...

Delightful little video, cute note cards and fab wesbites ! Merry Christmas Mary!

Anonymous said...

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Rebel Girl said...

You make my heart all warm haha. And this did remind me of Subterranean Homesick Blues!

Oh, and I took your advice and had all my major gifts be money donated to Darfur! It's only $150, but I'm hoping it helps.

Have a really fantastic holiday, and loads and loads of love,

Princess Jenna At Tea Time said...

Ohmygosh, Where the Wild Things Are's soundtrack is awesome! Cute video, it was really superb.

ipopheart said...

this was sooooo sweet- and I love love love that song....
happy holidays!!!

Talon said...

aww i love this song so so so so so much.

Morgan said...

I'm a bit late, but better that than never, right?

I come to your blog because it's so good to see someone my age actually engaging with the world around them. I'm not saying that I'm a Norma Rae or anything, but I'm inspired to do more than sit in my basement and watch Much Music or whatever when I read the things you write. I want to do something with what I've been given, live just a bit more intensely than I have been. Is that too cheesy?

Anyway, hope you had a great Christmas, looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the new decade.

Signora Omaha said...

I like your blog so much because it has an original setup and it is full of fun little things. you're so cute!
as for videos, I never really watch a lot because it takes a bunch of time...I say if you like them keep doing them and if not, your blog is lovely without.

Anonymous said...

Aww what an adorable video (:

I come to your blog because it's inspirational, both fashion wise and cause wise. You always are well informed and knowable about important things while being super cute!

I like a mix of videos and written posts.

and lastly, Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

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I come to your blog because I like your outlook, your perspective. It's refreshing and different... I think that's what I like best too.