What to Say When You Call 1-800-Genocid(e) this Friday

There's nothing worse than having tons of emotions trapped inside you but being unable to explain them, especially on the phone.

So when you call the number this Friday, just leave this page open in front of you and read off the screen!

"I realize the economy is bad right now, but the people of Darfur are being murdered senselessly and the death count is estimated at about four hundred thousand. Why isn't anyone doing anything?"

"We said 'never again' after Rwanda, yet the situation is appearing again. Were those empty promises?"

"As a developed nation, why aren't we becoming global citizens and stepping up to the plate to help the Darfuri peoples escape from a plight suffered by many minorities before them."

for Canadians:
"We had people held hostage in Darfur, yet we're doing nothing to try to fix the situation when we now know first hand how dangerous this can be. I find this disappointing."

"I am of legal voting age, and we all know you want a majority government. You will not secure my vote with your apathy towards the genocide in Darfur."

"Canada has a strong history of peace keeping, like Romeo Dallaire in Rwanda. Why don't we continue that legacy in Darfur?"

for Americans:
"Obama really brought in a sense of hope and change into the White House... Why haven't the people of Darfur been able to discover the effects?"

Whatever you say, speak from the heart.
The people of Darfur have no voice but yours.
Make the call, make a difference.


slglive said...

there are a lot of people on the world that suffer everyday, and don´t know anything about what it´s justice, it´s not only about that region, it´s about the world, Venesuela,cuba,china... And so many other places, soon Bolivia.

Amelia said...

Thank you for this <3

Lee said...

Thank you so much for this; I'm really excited to call.

Anonymous said...

Called three times. Thanks for spreading the word.