Yes Please!/ No Thanks...

Yes Please!

varying shades of light blue, from cornflower to Tiffany blue

rice crispies at any time of day... including eleven pm when I'm writing an essay

vintage driving gloves

taking organization and colour coding to the next level

tying my hair in a knot, literally

wearing contrasting colours, like gold and blue

finding silly old journal entries and realizing they're no longer true!

finding Ringo, Bruce Springteen, Robert Plant, Woody Allen, and Lou Reed on the covers of old Rolling Stones

having a new floral ironing board to iron the floral things that were scrunched up in the back of my drawers!

no thanks...
genocide of the baha'i people & 7 recently charged (I can't find the updated article online)
the bad parts of the 1980s, again (I love you Marc! Sorry!)
a lot of the ignorant comments in reply to this

Tell me what little things you've been doing lately to make you happy?
Tell me something going on in the world right now that upsets you?


futurelint said...

things that make me happy: saying no to all this fall runway nonsense and reviewing the spring '09 shows on - ooh yes!
It's freezing outside, yet I make a blackberry smoothie every single day! Joy!

things that make me UNhappy:
the school superintendent that called the arts magnet public school I work at "a haven for homosexuals." Yeah, it's what I do all day long, turn kids gay.
I have a zit and I'm 27! Come on face, get with the program (but not if that means you're gonna start wrinkling on me!)

Vanessa said...

Yes Please:
-The warm weather that's slowly returning to New England.
-Poptarts after dark.
-Listening to loud music when my roommate is away.
-Shopping for cute new spring/summery shoes.

No Thanks:
-Getting up at 9 AM for class on the dreariest day ever (story of my morning).

PS: I ask because of the article-- do you go to Dalhousie? I have a friend there in the engineering program.

chnch said...

fun day at school
slr cam

school requirements:( sooo tiring

Gato said...

I'm going to start with the troubling things because its best to end on the positive ones.
The worrying state of my Grandparents. I'm anxious to get myself home and see them before its too late and simultaneously frightened by how changed they might be from their former selves. Its hard to keep perspective and be grateful for their presence in my life so far without succumbing to the selfishness of wanting them to live forever.
Also, the state of the US economy (where I live).
Bits of Joy:
Wearing my first sun dress even though its in the low 30's and raining outside.
Reading your blog. Just discovered it and am smitten. Thanks for making my work breaks brighter!
Under the Tuscan Sun by Frances Mayes. Read it and be nourished by her rich description of rural italian life, food, art, and culture.
Memories of the short but lovely visit to my in laws in Philadelphia. Their warmth stays wrapped around me even as I think of unpleasant things ahead.

bobb said...

Here is the only update I could find on the detained Baha'is.

bobb said...

Things that have made me happy are:
reading all the interesting updates on the fashion blogs I've been reading the past couple months -it's sunny out, even though its -10F - discovering new music everyday - issuing of an arrest warrant against Omar Bashir for war crimes by the ICC.

and unhappy -
the continuing worldwide financial crisis

dearilou said...

I'm surprised that I like your gold and blue combination. My high school colors were blue and gold, and after wearing a all wool marching band uniform for four years, I have steered clear of anything like those colors.
Great entry. I think I'll do something much like it in my journal.
Oh! And I love your anal color coding system. I do the same!

-A said...

i just wanted to say thank you for mentioning the baha'is on your blog. i'm a baha'i and an avid reader of hail mary. i don't think enough people know about what is happening to baha'is in Iran. thanks again.

Marilyn Hayward said...

My thanks/no thanks

miniature hershey's bars
heating blankets
Spring Break in two days
Restarting my blog, of course!

No Thanks:
Waiting the two days for spring break
Temperatures below freezing after a week of temperatures above 55

Mary said...

@ A: I want go come into that country and scream at what they're doing to your people. PLEASE stay strong. Send me any information you have and I will post some of it. You're in our thoughts!

Lauren said...

things that make me happy:
relaxing, old movies, magazines, latin music, video chatting

trade links?

Emlyn said...

things that made me happy today:
-The drama teacher singing "everyday people" out loud in the halls at school
-a guy's pretty green-brown eyes
-walking back from a swim it was snowing but there was no wind so I wasn't cold and the snow piled up on my head like a little hat. Even when I think I'm done and sick of winter, a pretty snowfall comes along. I can never resist pretty snow.

things that made me unhappy today:
-not feeling inspired in art class
-the movie not having subtitles in history
-feeling apprehensive about homework
-and since reading your blog, the genocide of the baha'i people and the general problems the world has. (We're learning about the cold war in history, the proxy wars make me sad)

longlivefashion said...

Right now something that upsets me is (this is going to trivial compared to all of the other bad stuff in the world) bullying. I am sick of the haters. Our teacher had a baby so we had this subsitute, fresh out of school, and he has no clue how to handle the bullying. This one girl will come into the class and one day, all of a sudden I hear her say "I hate Barack Obama" I replied "Hate is a strong word" She replied "Well I do hate him and I feel strongly about it. In fact I hate all democrats. All democrats and Barack Obama should go die in a hole and rot there" Stupidly, I replied "I am a democrat" She said "Then go die in a hole with Barack" Where I am from almost everyone is Republican so the whole class started ganging up on me and saying how terrible I am. Now that I think about it I am glad I (well sort of) stuck up for myself by saying I was a democrat. I was telling my friend ("O") this and she's like "Why do you care?! There is no logic behind what she said" and my friend "O" was right. Also people in my class pretty much talk behind people backs while in class about the people who are different. It's really vague what they are saying, but they say it loud in the class, and it's hurtful. Jeez middle-schoolers are so stupid sometimes.

Anyway, I know it's bad, but I shoe shop, bake, hike, or do art when I am sad. The shoe shopping is the dangerous part. What makes me feel better is daydreaming about the day when I can leave my town, go to NYC and get an internship at Marie Claire. I am so sick of this town, but I do know I would be happier if I was being teased everyday for being myself then being someone totally different.

Anonymous said...

Yes please!
-the first spring shower of the year today
-being able to wear skirts without getting frostbite
-long bus rides to school where the most wonderful thing to do is simply listen to music, look out the window, and think.

No thanks
-nationwide standardized testing
-the inflation crisis in zimbabwe
-seeing beautiful girls starve themselves to achieve their notion of perfect
-never having enough time to read anymore

oh, there are much too many sad things in the world, being the optimist i am i try to see the goodness and beauty that is everywhere

jules said...

Yes please to laying on flowery vintage blankets in the sun doing homework, picnics in the park, blossoms, birds singing, spring, walking home from school, getting into college, new shoes, vintage dresses, sunglasses and your beautiful photographs!

No thanks to doctors and being sick, hay fever, piles of work, unexplained muscle pains, and injustice

Ellie said...

Yay - Picking out green things for St Patrick's Day.

Nay - My Great Aunt Alice who is on her last legs and my grandmother who hasn't slept in a bed for a week so she can be with her sister.

Chloe said...

Things that make me happy: finding incredible blogs, like yours!
A school day that actually flys by, figure skating!, Helping my mom make her line of clothes! YAY!

Unhappy: Having a group of beautiful days, and then I random cold day, studying for a latin exam

lydia said...

i need some vintage riding gloves. they are perfect.

also, i wear gold and blue all the time. haha. it's my go-to color combination.

the floral ironing board is lovely!

jess said...

I love your color coordination

things that make me happy
reocrs,vh1 classic runways shows
unhappy standing 3 hours in heels tornado drills.

Anna said...

ooh, everyone left such long comments.
i've been lurking around your blog for a while now and just wanted to comment how much i love it!
it's nice when someone writes a post that doesn't take seconds to read and actually leaves me thinking about what they said afterwards.
thanks so much for all the great posts and those to come!

Anonymous said...

"sundays are my sad days. i always feel lost." that is so cute. =) random journal entries are fun to find.

little things i do to make me happy:

1. make a bed out of the living room furniture by pushing the couches together and covering them in blankets and pillows. soooo comfortable. =)

2. taking my puppy for walks.

3. making random food that usually don't taste really good. =/

and the thing that is currently upsetting me right now is that story about the 9 year old girl from brazil who was raped by her stepfather. she ended up getting pregnant with twins and was allowed to get a legal abortion (they're illegal in brazil in certain cases). the catholic church them excommunicated her mother and the team that performed the abortion. they DID NOT excommunicate the stepfather because they said abortion is a bigger sin than rape. WHAT?! pleaes explain this to me mary becaues i. just. don't. get. it.

Amelia said...

I love the shades of blue. I definitely eat cereal when I'm working late at night, too.

Anonymous said...







J.Yo said...

i'll be happy if i can just pass the upcoming scholarship to Japan

and i was really sad hearing the news about recent shootings in a school in Germany.

sarah said...

happy: the weather in sf
unhappy: the weather in sf
it honestly changes every five minutes. i've become a master layer-er.
i do love your hair, i had an imaginary friend when i was little, and her was red.

Cassiopeia said...

loving the colours and the gold and blue outfit. kudos for the baha'i mention...

thanks for the lovely comment.


Darragh said...

i live for those pens from staedtler, and that trench from gap.
your soul sista, deemary of teen vogue.

perfect post.

Hayley said...

things that brighten my day: smiles, when i get a new text message, getting a really nice hit in tennis, water, the daily yu-gi-oh, or mucha lucha ice creams my friend and i buy at lunch (:

absolutely not: negativity, being ignored, people judging other people, not caring about the environment, snow

i absolutely adore rice krispies! i eat them allll the timee (: